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Z-Man Floating WormZ™

Z-Man Floating WormZ™

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Unlike other ‘floating’ worms that don’t really float, these ultra-buoyant 7” ElaZtech® worms stay on top of the slop even when rigged on heavy wire hooks, triggering explosive topwater bites again and again without ripping or tearing!

As buoyant as they are durable, our 7” Floating WormZ™ float like a cork, providing the most enticing and visible strike target possible. Designed to be rigged weightless, the exclusive ElaZtech® material allows these worms to maintain extreme buoyancy without the addition of microballoons or other additives that sacrifice durability and create dull colors.  Even when rigged with heavy wire hooks, the Floating WormZ™ stay on right on the surface above aquatic vegetation where they trigger explosive strikes.  They can also be rigged Texas or Carolina style and will rise from the bottom with a tail-up posture, right into the strike zone!

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