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Z-Man Finesse WormZ™ 7 inch

Z-Man Finesse WormZ™ 7 inch

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While these 4” and 7” straight tail worms may look like ordinary bass worms, their buoyant, 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction helps them outfish and outlast the competition and makes them anything but normal!

When rigged Texas style, on a drop shot rig, or on a shaky head, the ultra-soft body and natural action make the salt-impregnated Finesse WormZ ideal for virtually all finesse presentations. The 4” size is ideal for drop shotting, but also is a highly underrated Ned Rig bait that produces bites from the most pressured bass on the planet.  Its 7” brethren is more suited to more traditional bass techniques, like Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, or rigging on a shaky head like our SMH™ Jighead.  Either size excels over traditional worms as their tails stand up off the bottom every time thanks to the buoyancy of the ElaZtech® material, not to mention that they outlast all other finesse worms on the market by a wide margin thanks to their 10X Tough construction!

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