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Core Tackle TUSH (The Ultimate Swimbait Hook)

Core Tackle TUSH (The Ultimate Swimbait Hook)

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TUSH was meticulously designed to redefine the way anglers approach their pursuit. This innovative swimbait hook boasts a trio of key elements that sets it apart from the competition. First, its unique body roll from the swimbait creates a mesmerizing, side-to-side belly roll during retrieval, mimicking the natural movement of prey. Moreover, TUSH's more compact profile allows for easy skipping into tight cover, extending your fishing options. 

However, perhaps the most impressive feature is its superior hook-up ratio, making every cast count. With an internal weight system that secures the swimbait in place, TUSH not only enhances the lure's lifespan but also reduces the chances of lost fish. In a league of its own, TUSH is all about "Innovative Weight Distribution," "Enhanced Belly Roll," and "Improved Hook Up Ratio" – the ultimate trifecta for any dedicated angler.

Unlike traditional swimbait jig heads, TUSH has the weight centered within the swimbait which enhances the swimbait performance in all of the following ways:

  • Provides more side to side belly roll during the retrieve
  • Allows swimbait to be skipped easily into tight cover
  • Provides a more compact design versus traditional swimbait jig heads
  • Provides a more natural appearance
  • Internal weight system locks swimbait in place
  • Prolongs life of each swimbait saving the angler money
  • Increased Hookup percentage over traditional swimbait jig head designs

Say goodbye to traditional swimbait jig heads and dive into the future with TUSH!

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