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Seaguar AbrazX® Fluorocarbon Mainline - 200 Yds

Seaguar AbrazX® Fluorocarbon Mainline - 200 Yds

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Abrasion Resistant, Premium, 100% Fluorocarbon Performance Fishing Line, Virtually Invisible

With unparalleled abrasion resistance and strength, Seaguar AbrazX is proven to deliver in the nastiest conditions including around logs, rocks, docks, and in heavy grass.

100% fluorocarbon; virtually invisible; made in Japan with cutting-edge innovation; fill your spool with this main line fluorocarbon.

Soft, supple and smooth casting with exceptional sensitivity, low memory, virtually no stretch, fast sinking and superior knot strength for unmatched performance even in the heaviest cover.

Ideal for freshwater multi-species fishing applications  fish can't see it and rocks, stumps, docks and weeds can't break it.

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