After Halloween, A Spookily Slow Day on the River

After Halloween, A Spookily Slow Day on the River

Hey everybody. I’ll state up front: I only got out for a few hours and fishing was slow on the Willamette River today. I headed out in the late morning when the weather was excellent but the conditions were far from typical due to the heavy rain and wind the day before.

The recent rainfall had significantly affected the river, leading to a noticeable increase in flow. Although the water wasn't as murky as I've seen it in the past, there was only about a foot of visibility where I was fishing. If anyone goes out on the river in the coming day: be careful.  There is a higher amount of debris swirling in the water than normal, including the usual sticks, branches, and logs – and a surprise addition: pumpkins. This may come as no surprise to those that often fish our rivers right after Halloween, but for some it might be helpful advice to look out for these extra obstacles.

The water temperature was hovering around 51 degrees, a sign that autumn has truly set in. This temperature drop and the recent weather can make the fish a bit more sluggish, so I went with some finesse tactics. I picked up a drop shot and a Berkley PowerBait® MaxScent Flat Worm in Green Pumpkin.

My efforts paid off, as I finally got a bite in approximately 28 feet of water, but it was just a few nibbles. A bit of a grind, for sure.

Despite the challenging conditions, it's always a thrill to be out in nature, testing your angling skills, and adapting to whatever Mother Nature throws your way. While the catch might not have been a record-breaker, it's those moments of connection with the great outdoors that make every fishing trip worthwhile.

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it's essential to keep an eye on your local fishing conditions and adapt your strategies accordingly. So, stay prepared, stay patient, and who knows what surprises the river might have in store for your next adventure. Until next time, tight lines and happy fishing!

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